Tommy Buday

3 x Olympian & 3 x silver medalist at ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships

Stoked on SUP

Stocked on SUP!

     Its been a long time since I wanted to write about my year in the SUP WORLD.  This was my second full summer training and racing and being able to travel to bigger more international races.  Not bad in one year; SUP World Championships, Carolina Cup and finish off with PPG 2015.  what a joy ride and experience.  A lot of fun smaller races all over the US and Canada to fill in my already busy schedule. 

I won't lie to you it is not easy to chase a dream while working full time and trying to be a good husband and a father of two very fast growing boys.  I love my family time and if I could I would bring them everywhere with me. A lot of stress does come from trying to fit everything in at the same time.  The greatest gift I have is my Beautiful wife Stephanie who does supports me in all of this and makes sure I don't over do it, because I would if I had the chance.

With very little time I was able to land amazing sponsors and support on the sport seen. Because of this I get to use the best equipment no matter where I am. I am truly blessed for all the help and support I get on this journey of mine.  

 At age of almost 40 (this April) going on with a lot of desire and fire to achieve more in my athletic career.  I have had a good run at Sprint canoe but its SUP time. I feel like Rocky Balboa with the fire still burning deep inside and never want to give up.  

Training experience and racing experience I have, but not in this SUP world.  Most races I show up and I hope all my past experiences will kick in and take over, most of the time it works. But at Pacific Paddle Games 2015 I was so humbled of the true reality of how much more experience I need to stand in line with the best in the World. On shore I was looking at the waves and swells coming in and as much as I wanted to get out there, I was afraid. Nervous like anytime before a race and was truly scared not knowing what to expect. Lost all confidence in myself and fell apart. I only got my confidence back after the heat and repechage, where in the semifinals had the best time racing. I said to myself: "wow this is what racing should feel like", so much fun!

No matter what desires you have or what fire you have inside you, or how much you want to fight, you must have confidence in yourself and that comes with experience.

I am so stoked on 2015 because I had many opportunities to line up at so many great SUP races. Meet so many top riders and learn from them.  You can always gain more knowledge and study no matter who you are. 

I personally know that this SUP world has so much more to offer me and I to it. My fight is not over and I'm craving for more. More waves, bigger waves, more races, and even more races where I don't win. Don't get me wrong I do want to be great, but I like the feeling after a race where you have just lost, that moment where that excitement and desire kicks in where you decide you want to do more - you need to do more. That motivation just in powers you. Wish I could bottle that feeling and drink it every day, maybe even sell it, I'd be rich.

    Please stay positive and happy, stay on the water and paddle no matter what.  I do hope to meet you and race with you in the near future.

#Train Hard, Go Fast, Have Fun.  #Show up, Stand up, Keep up.



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