Tommy Buday

3 x Olympian & 3 x silver medalist at ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships

Team Spirit

What an amazing experience and Team Spirit.  Lead by our team leaders Lina Auaitis and Diane J Wenzel who put so much extra time to make this so memorable for the rest of Team Canada. A huge thank you to both of you and I hope I get to see you both soon!  Not only you guys performed at such a high level and kicked some... but you also took care of the Team.

To my other team mates Dan Michaluk,Matthew Abbott and Adam Finer thank you for an amazing time.  It was an honour  being on the team with you and cheering on Canada. Great team spirit and outstanding people you are.  Thank you for making this trip so extra awesome.

Looking forward to more excitement with you guys in the future and hoping to be able to do it again soon.

Now a little rest and back to being a Dad and a Husband. I am so happy to be home and be with my boys and wife.  

Back to full time work and focus on the athletes that I'm working with, after all their season is just about to start.  

I will be putting a lot of time into my own training but for now that will have to do. I'll try to squeeze in a few smaller races but the bigger ones will have to wait till the fall.  

Thank you again for all your cheering and following me on my journey to the Worlds. I had a blast and I will remember and take so much with me from this experience.  

Go out and enjoy living.. enjoy your life your wife and kids!  Love is all around!

Check in soon for more........

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