Tommy Buday

3 x Olympian & 3 x silver medalist at ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships

First full day in Sayulita

Not sure if it was being use to waking up early for work or because I am just so excited, that i could not sleep in. I was up at 5:45 and just looking out side of the room waiting for the sun to come up, which didn't come till 7fish.

Started with a nice quiet walk around the little surf town with my coffee trying to get the best angle for the sunrise which i never got. Watched the early surfers get some great rides.

Then I got my board from the local surf shop where SIC sent our boards which is huge because they took care of everything and I did not have to worry about flying with one. Thank you SIC MAUI! Of course I wanted nothing more then hit the water and go play.  Just as we were heading out the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. The heat just hits you with the humidity but the water is very nice.  I spent 1.5 hours on the water playing, paddling and testing my new 12'6 board that I have never been on but very quickly got use to.

Beach starts are huge in any SUP race so I spent most of the time doing nothing but sprints into the waves. Its tiring but well worth the training while I can.  

Had Lunch with Diane who I call D who is supper awesome and a great surfer chick.  (D and Lina our team leaders)

In the afternoon Lina arrived and we got the Team all checked in minus Matt who ended up coming later. 

Finally with a mini nap I got to go out and play in the surf again. This time I was able to group up with a good friend and a fellow Team SIC rider Kenny Kaneko who had one of his Japan team mates out with us for the session.  We also picked up the only SUPer from Team SUIS, awesome kid and we did a nice little paddle followed by some more beach start.  I felt generous so iI made a donation to the sea by wiping out and losing my sweet orange Oakley jawbones. (sorry Oakley)  Hope it will wash up and some Mexican kid will be happy!

We met Lina out there as well and I stayed with her a little longer to play in the surf. It was great watching all the nations come out there and chase waves. Nothing but smiles and great times.

Matt arrived just as we were coming off the water, so he went paddling and we came in to chill and relax a bit.  Lina and D went to the team leaders meeting while the boys went to dinner and had servesas! 

Tomorrow is the opening ceremonies in the afternoon which will be a great show and the competition will begin.  Check in for more and check out my Facebook page for more pic and a fun little video  from today.

OLÀ amigos!

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