Tommy Buday

3 x Olympian & 3 x silver medalist at ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships

Opening Ceremonies 2015 SUP World Championships, Sayulita, Mexico

What amazing day 2. Once again woke up early not able to sleep because of excitement, but I really want to take it all in.

Beautiful hot morning again with an early paddle with Team mates Matt Abbot and Lina Augaitis as well as Kenny Kaneko from Team Japan. We did a nice little out and back which took close to 6km with a few pick ups. Once we were back we played in the waves and practiced our starts.

A lot of other teams were out there doing the same thing so it was great to jump in there and do some bigger group starts. Team US looks good but my buddy from Denmark the "Viking" Casper Steinfath and the Australian Toby Cracknell making the starts look so fast and easy, I quickly realize I got some work to do. 

Satyed out too long again but being in this environment where we can experience all this just makes you want to keep on the water all day.  

The afternoon Opening Ceremonies were amazing. Who would of thought that after 3 Olympic Games ceremonies I would be part of yet another World Championship, let alone for SUPing. It was an incredible experience and what a show it was.  Great walk through the little town Sayulita, were literally the town stopped for us and enjoyed the pared of athletes marching towards the beach where the opening of the Championships happened. With all the nations trying to be loudest I think Canada did really well with the cow bells and all of our flags and cool toques! 

Sand from every nation in one glass container and the Mexican dancing with even a New Zealand Hakka throw in the ceremonies were amazing. Our countries flag was flying high and clear thanks to our Team Leader Lina. 

All this energy and excitement will continue tomorrow with our SUP surfers hitting the water early in the morning for their heats. Lets go Canada and rock it out there Diane Wenzel and Adam Finer! we will be cheering for you with bells on!

Check in for more to come.........

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