Tommy Buday

3 x Olympian & 3 x silver medalist at ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships

Top 20 in the World on the Technical Course

  Having a day spent with my wife Stephanie and my two amazing energy full boys Tristan and Liam while my Mom is with us really gave me quick energy and appreciation how glad and happy I am to be home. While resting back home in my living room and reflecting on my trip to Mexico all I can do is smile.

I was super stoked to make it to the Tech course finals and really looked  forward to paddle my last race.  On the final day we had our team really which was so great to be part of.  I had a really nice wave to ride in and finish top 10. 

Watching my team mate Lian Augaitis have a great start and with a strong fight and a close finish in 4th. place gave me a great confidents booster for my race. Very inspiring to watch her fight. 

I had a great spot in the line up for the start and I was so ready to go, but the crowd was loud and wild for the to Mexican athletes that were also in the race and far over to the left where I lined up could not hear the start horn. So getting off the line I was not the quickest and on top of that I had the nice face plant while tripping on the first wave. By the time I was up and ready to go, of course I was in last place. With my go to Quickblade head band half off my head I had no choice is to hammer and try to close the gap. I did the first lap alone and just chasing the group. Not giving up at all I worked hard to grab a nice wave to catch up again and put me in the game for a good race.  I managed to continue catch others and  have a fun and hard race. Finished 20th. where the full field was pretty close. I was very happy with the finish I had considering my start.  SUP racing is so much fun and I love gaining experiences from each race.  

Very happy for all  the racers and super stoked to be part of something so big as the ISA SUP Worlds.  

Thank you for watching and cheering Team Canada on and I appreciate all the likes and kind words from all of you.  

I can not wait to race again!!!

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