Tommy Buday

3 x Olympian & 3 x silver medalist at ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships

Importance of a proper warm up!

As we get excited to go on the water or go surfing or go for a paddle with other athletes we can NOT forget how important it is to warm up before you have fun!

Last saturday I totally skipped my proper  Warm up, and we all know  I am not getting any younger, so there is no excuse. After all the experiences Racing at many Worlds and Olympics I still get way to excited to hit the water and paddle and not think twice about warm up. Thinking my body could handle anything.  Well I was Very Wrong.

Going from a really hot climate from Mexico where your muscles stay loose and relaxed to a very cold weekend in Canada north of Montreal where the winds were really high and cold was in your bones, dressing warm and layering up but without a PROPER warm up I was asking for trouble.

With in 15min into my work out with my athletes I can fell my lower back hurting and because I felt that pain before I eased up but it was too late. In the next 5 min my back tightened up so bad that it dropped me to my knees.  We were coming back with the tail wind, thank goodness because not sure how I would of gotten back.  It was so bad that I could not stand up or even sit.

Sadly I had this pain before and really not knowing what had happened to my back I just took a week off from training and iced my back a lot. This time the pain being so bad that I could not move, I decided to go see a Physiotherapist and find out what is going on.

Turns out my L4 and L5 were so twisted that I looked like a question mark.  After some adjustment and some laser on my back I was ok to go. 

Now I can not work or play with my boys, and defiantly no training  for a while. Im walking around like a zombie who can not bend at all and very very uncomfortable with pain.

Biggest lesson is WARM UP no matter where you are and who you are.  Im sitting here and staring at my boys who want to run around and play with PAPA but can not. 

Looking at my board and checking the weather because the winds are blowing perfect for a nice downwinder that I could be paddling.

All because I did not do my proper warm up!  

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